Our latest product! Introducing our new 500mg high strength custom blend, this oil has superior absorption capabilities. It replaces the previously available 2000mg strength tincture. An even higher quality product, with increased strength and superior absorption qualities coupled with a wider more complete spectrum of cannabinoids. This product is stronger than the previous 2000mg due to advancements in laboratory processes. The oil is de-waxed, de-carboxylated and filtered which produces this pure crystal clear and light oil. This product is Full Spectrum high quality 5% CBD Oil. Extra Strength blend with Hemp, Sunflower Oil and MCT Oil.  


Our products are laboratory tested.


The Become Whole 500MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil is 5% of pure extract in a handy 10ml bottle. The increased strength means better value for money and is head and shoulders above other similarly products on the market. We pride ourselves on supplying the best quality, most advanced products we can find. 


NATURAL FLAVOUR (Peppermint Discontinued)


Dosing and regulairty of use neeed to be worked out for each person. Start with 1 - 5 drops and use as required, daily and regularly to gain the most benefit for your own purposes.


We know you will not be unhappy with your choice.

500mg Full Spectrum CBD (Natural Flavour)

SKU: 0001
  • This is our entry level 500mg tincture and delivers a healthy and easily measured low dosage regimen. An improved process makes this the replacement for our 2000mg tincture, increased bio availability means it is even more efficient. Multiples of times stronger than similar products of other CBD suppliers, it offers great value for money and a good level of CBD for general use. A fantastically flexible all round CBD for most uses!


    What we love about our CBD is how clean it is and how clean the effect is once you take it. We find that uncomfortable feelings, both in mind and body simply just fall away. We experience absolutely no sense of having consumed something such is the level of purity, unlike most other CBD products we have tried. We experience feeling energised, exceptionally clear minded and highly focused. Worries, bodily discomfort and feelings of uunease simply fall away, leaving us simply just feeling great. Sleep is gentle and deep and one wakes up feeling fresh and alive. We love this product, every day use for day and night, super 'up' energy and crystal clear cognitive functioning. 

    NATURAL FLAVOUR (Peppermint Discontinued)


    • 10ml/500mg Full Spectrum Oil
    • 1 drop = 2.5mg CBD
    • 1 pipette full = 50mg CBD
    • Less than 0.3% THC
    • Hemp, Sunflower & MCT OIl
    • Natural flavour


    Please consider that these are our experiences and are not meant as a guide to any one elses or to be taken as medical advice, but is anecdotal reporting to the best of our experience.