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A visionary story


edward Conn

BSc. (Hons)., P.G. Dip (couns)., MBACP.

Psychotherapist and Addictions Consultant

Life is complex, demanding and often at best a path of struggle and guess work. With that in mind, we can often do with all the help that we can get, simply to make it easier and less stressful. It is what I like to call 'being a friend to yourself'.

I have worked in well being, alternative health and practiced as a psychotherapist for a great deal of my working life.  I have had great opportunities to work in very progressive areas of health study and application, from as far back as the late nineties I worked with an associate involved in medical cannabis. We sourced, supplied and made products for patients with all range of chronic conditions.

This was in the days when medical cannabis was used for HIV patients, cancer patients and multiple sclerosis. During that period of time members of the medical cannabis club reached into their thousands.  All of this was done as a deep felt passion to help and heal, and at personal risk. It was a very interesting time, and arose around the same time the first cannabis research pharmaceutical company GW Pharma was licensed in the UK to grow plants and develop their own medical products. I would imagine my involvement with medical uses of cannabis predate most by many many years. 

Following this I worked with a powerful African plant called 'Iboga' for the treatment of opiate addictions. My work was featured on BBC 1 in 2004 for a documentary following the treatment of a long term heroin addict and film maker David Graham Scott.


Whilst practicing as a Transpersonal psychotherapist I have specialised in complex addiction and mental health cases for fifteen years.  I am broad thinking in my approaches to human health and strong on scientific evidence and efficacy. 

Anxiety is currently at epidemic proportions across society and it is a real problematic issue that diminishes so many aspects of an individuals functioning. Effective, practical and easy solutions are what people need. Access to therapy or specialist care is limited, so simple options are required as a priority. On the whole, most people do not want to be on medication, but simply want to feel capable and free to get on with life. Pervasive anxiety and associated secondary issues like depression reduce peoples functioning significantly. 


The research on CBD is compelling, and as a result the medical establishment are taking a great interest. They are very excited about what they see, especially around anxiety, pain and inflammation. CBD is not a fad, it is the next big health discovery and especially relevant to our present times. It produces incredible beneficial effects on these crucial areas of functioning and with no side effects. This is what the research shows and what people say who use it. Demand is only going to increase as people become more aware of its simple reliable benefits. 

Getting the highest quality product and researching effectiveness was my priority. This is a passion not just a business. I am driven by the highest health results I can get and total transparency of service. I want people to be able to feel relief from their stresses and get on with the lives they have. Our products  are designed to enable you to do that. 

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